David Daniel

Senior Pastor

Pastor Dave has been the Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel of Orange for 20+ years. He he has a love for Jesus and for leading people to Jesus.  He resides is Orange with his wife Karen, and has four children and an ever-growing number of grandchildren! Karen also has a tender heart for Christ, and is a contact for the woman's group.

Mark Presley

Assistant/Guest Pastor

Pastor Mark is a wonderful and blessed Bible teacher. He was previously pastor of Calvary Chapel West Palm Beach, Dean of Calvary Chapel Bible College, and Pastor of Calvary Chapel of Orange. He lives in Huntington Beach with his wife Carol and is also blessed with beautiful children and an ever-growing number of grandchildren!

Linda and Bob Hanline

Worship Leader and General Support

Linda leads worship and also helps in numerous areas. Bob runs overhead and also helps in many areas. What a team for Christ! We're blessed to have them, and when they're away, we all struggle and realize how much they do. Jesus bless them!
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Marie Fulop, Linda and Andrea Stalker
Praise Jesus!

Tom and Karen White

Men's Fellowship; Children's Ministry

Tom leads the Men's Fellowship Group; Karen leads the Children's and  Youth Ministry, and is also a contact for the Women's Fellowship. They both have great hearts for teaching about the great love Jesus has for us, and we're so blessed to have them!
Pat and Joel 

Pat Harrity, Joel Morrison, David Abe

Sound, Worship, General Church Help and Ministry Support

Pat and Joel run sound and provide general church and ministry support, such as Harvest Crusade and Operation Christmas Child. David leads worship and also provides general church and ministry help.  Jesus be praised!
David Abe